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Sophia can sit up !!

At 3 and a half months mommys so proud ! :’)

So I made a post on Wipe out bi-phopbia and I thought I’d share it here

I’m so glad I come from a very accepting family . Ever since I was little my mother told us that we can be whoever we wanted and be ourselves . I have a younger gay brother who is engaged to a great guy who I look forward to being my brother in law . Myself being a bisexual mother myself , am going to teach my children the same thing .Because looking past gender and and sexuality is the best way to grow up . My children will learn to love whats in the heart , not whats on the outside . Because Homophobia is taught not a gene !

Reblog this is you are a mommy or soon to be mommy!



I want to follow more “mumblrs”. :)

you really don’t, we are a bunch of asshats.

Had to make a new mommy tumblr because my psycho ex had my password , email and other things to my other one .

So here I am !